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Sand Dollar Property Management

With Sand Dollar Property Management, you don’t have to worry about your rental property. Leave the hassle to our core management team, and we will take care of your home the way you would want us to. Here’s what we can do for you:

Snowbird Services

Our company offers snowbird services for homeowners in the area. We can watch your home when away and keep it safe, tidy, and protected at all costs.

Sand Dollar Property Management
Sand Dollar Property Management

Inspections and Maintenance

Are you away on vacation and need someone to keep an eye on your property? We’ve got you covered. Our team ensures that everything is kept in perfect condition and the property is protected.

Handymen Referral

In addition to home watching, we can also help you find the best handyman services in the area and get the best deal for your property.

Sand Dollar Property Management
Sand Dollar Property Management

Arrange for Car Shipping

Can arrange to have your car shipped back and forth to your different homes. Can meet the driver and have your car brought to your Naples Location.

List of Services

  • Home Monitoring
  • Interior and Exterior evaluations
  • Check HVAC
  • Bring Trash out and return on schedule days
  • Collect Mail
  • Circulate water throughout home
  • Outside Services
  • Check on Landscape lighting
  • Check outside pool equipment
  • Check on security systems
  • Additional Services
  • Start/Run Vehicles
  • Arrange Car Shipping
  • Schedule and Meet with Service Providers
    • Frequency of Service:
    • Weekly
    • Bi-Weekly
    • Monthly
Sand Dollar Property Management